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National Tribune is an independent newspaper and publishing company owned by the National Tribune Company, formed in 1877 in Washington, D.C.


Scope of the paper and the company

The National Tribune (official title) was a post-Civil War newspaper based in Washington, D.C. published by the National Tribune Publishing Co. “A Monthly Journal devoted to the interests of the Soldiers and Sailors of the late war, and all Pensioners of the United States” was the caption under the paper’s title. The National Tribune served generally as the organ of the Grand Army of the Republic, (G.A.R.) and as a forum for old soldiers to share their reminiscences.

The National Tribune Publishing Co. also printed historical publications, from pamphlets to hard-bound books, and ephemera empathizing on articles, stories and histories of heroes and political figures, as well as Union and Confederate soldiers and armies. In more modern times, the journal evolved to its modern version