Fox Sports Reporter Reveals What Happens When Uber Goes Wrong

Fox Sports Reporter Reveals What Happens When Uber Goes Wrong

“… this is very scary.”

The ride-sharing company Uber provides a service that many people appreciate and use. However, there is a dangerous side to using Uber that Fox Sports reporter Kristine Leahy revealed Friday.

Leahy, who also hosts NBC’s American Ninja Warrior, made two disturbing revelations in a message posted on Twitter.

She said that about three months ago, she lost her keys while riding in an Uber driver’s vehicle. The driver said he dropped them off at Uber headquarters.

She then started the email process of getting the keys, but was frustrated by the slow response.

“Sometimes, it took a week just to get an automated response,” she wrote.

“Eventually they confirmed they had my keys and asked for my address so they could send them,” Leahy wrote in the note posted to Twitter.

But Leahy never got them. She said the service told her that because she did not pick them up within 45 days — even though they never provided her with a location to claim the keys — the keys are now gone.

“So either they were lying about having them in the first place of they are lying now and have keys to my apartment and car along with my address,” she wrote.

In addition to reporting the incident with her keys, Leahy noted that she “had an Uber driver try to break into my home in the past … so this is very scary.”

Uber did contact her, she said, but in a follow-up tweet, she was “STILL WAITING” for any action.

h/t: TheBlaze