How was your weekend running?

How was your weekend running?

How much do your routes vary, and what tricks do you have to keep yourself from getting bored if you have to stick to the same path? As always, share your weekend triumphs and woes below the line

Two weeks before Berlin marathon and I have a PB to report! Um, it’s not mine though. But I’m basking in some reflected glory anyway, because frankly only one person in my house had any zip to their running yesterday, and it wasn’t me. My six year old claimed a junior parkrun PB. Hooray for her! Given that was the warm up for my 15 miler, it must have been that speed that wore me out … Some might point to the track session the day before, and the virus I seem to be fighting but no. I’m saying it was the 2km race. Either way, my run was dreadful. Never have I enjoyed one less.

So, I am feeling direly in need of some tapering now. For preference, perhaps two weeks somewhere warm and sunny, with a pool to cool down in, a handy 400m track for the last few speed sessions and a nice shady trail for the easy runs. Anyone got an island/private jet handy I could borrow?

However much I love running, there’s always a point in marathon training where I start longing to just do something different. Or perhaps more accurately to stop doing something: I am utterly, profoundly bored of running up and down the Regent’s Canal at lunchtime. We may be lucky at Guardian HQ to have this traffic-free path right by the offices, but it is the only real route you can take and by now, I know every single stone of the path. Not to mention every pontoon (taking you onto the water and away from the interminable building works) you have to run on, sounding like an elephant with a weight problem. I really can’t wait for this marathon to be over, so I can avoid it for a few weeks. That, and eat chocolate again …

So how was your weekend running? Are you lucky enough to have multiple routes you can take, or do you find yourself treading the same old path most days – and if so, how do you keep your brain from losing the battle with boredom? Astas, you must have some pretty effective tricks to share given the hours you spend on the treadmill …

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