Mark Cuban Says He’d ‘Absolutely’ Consider Being One Candidate’s Vice President

“… I’m wide open to discussing it …”

In an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd, billionaire Mark Cuban said he would be “wide open” to being Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s running mate, provided she moved more to center.

“You joke that you would love to be Clinton’s running mate as long as you are allowed to throw bombs at [Republican candidate Donald] Trump. If she really did come to you, would you listen?” asked Chuck Todd, moderator of Meet the Press.

“Absolutely, but the key would be that she’d have to go more to center, I think,” replied Cuban. “I like the fact that Senator Clinton has thought-out proposals, that’s a good thing, because at least we get to see exactly where she stands.”

Cuban did express concerns, however, that Clinton’s competition with Sen. Bernie Sanders has pushed her “too far to the left.”

“Senator Sanders has dragged her a little bit too far to the left, things like college tuition and other business elements that really, I think, could hurt the economy,” said Cuban.

He stipulated that if Clinton was willing to back away from these leftist positions, he would legitimately consider being her running mate.

“If she’s willing to listen, if she’s willing to hear other sides of things, then I’m wide open to discussing it,” Cuban concluded.

On Monday, Cuban said if the election were held at that moment, he would vote for Clinton, albeit with reservations. According to Cuban, she has clearly defined positions, which the other candidates lack, and this is an important criteria for the billionaire.

“The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know. I know what Hillary’s positions are,” said Cuban, begrudgingly. “I can go to Hillary’s websites and there’s spreadsheets, there’s depth, there’s analysis, there’s details. I can go to Donald’s website, which I have — he lists issues, he lists top-line things that he’d like to do, but he doesn’t say how he’s going to get there.”

h/t: TheBlaze