Root Beer Mixup Has Child Asking, ‘Am I Going to Die?’

“He was really freaked out.”

An 8-year-old boy on medication for ADHD asked his mother, “Am I going to die?” after a mixup at a T.G.I Friday’s in Las Vegas brought him the wrong beverage.

Tyler Schwab, a boy with a heart defect who is taking ADHD medication, was dining with his family at a T.G.I. Friday’s at the Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas.

He ordered a root beer. When it arrived, something was wrong.

“What do you call that? Throw up root beer?” Tyler said. “Cause that’s what it tastes like.”

He asked his mom to give it a taste. Adrianna Schwab realized it had a bitter taste. Then her fiance looked at the bottle.

“My fiance grabbed the bottle and started looking at it and saw that it said 5.9 percent alcohol content,” Adrianna Schwab said.

“He was really freaked out,” she said. “He asked me, ‘Am I going to die?’”

The server and the manager were apologetic, saying the server was new.

“They were apologetic but not as apologetic as they should have been for the circumstance it was,” Adrianna Schwab said.

The chain issued a statement about the incident.

“We are aware of an incident at our Orleans restaurant where a server accidentally served an adult root beer beverage to a minor,” the statement said. “It was an honest mistake. We immediately addressed the situation with the guest directly and to the guest’s satisfaction. We are currently retraining staff on all operational procedures and responsible alcohol service standards to prevent a recurrence. The safety of our guests and team members is the utmost importance and our top priority.”

h/t: Fox News