Jack Nicklaus, “The Golden Bear,” has endorsed Donald Trump as the next president of the United States.

Nicklaus’ endorsement is the latest in a long list of celebrity endorsements the billionaire has received since he became the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

The 76-year-old Nicklaus, who owns a record 18 victories in the sport’s major championships, sat down with Jim Axelrod on CBS Sunday Morning to share his thoughts on the businessman’s run for the presidency. Axelrod asked Nicklaus if he took pleasure in doing business with Trump.

“Actually, Donald’s terrific,” the golfing legend said, adding he has worked with Trump on many golf-related projects. “He’s absolutely treated me great. He’s been above board. Whatever I’ve wanted to do, as long as it’s within reason, no, I think he’s terrific.”

Axelrod wanted to know if Nicklaus believed there was anything transferable about Trump’s business experience which is applicable to the presidency.

The legendary golfer said he didn’t want to get too political, but said, “I like what Donald has done. I like that he’s turning America upside down. He’s awakening the country.”

Axelrod asked if America needs a little of that, to which Nicklaus responded, “We need a lot of that.”

“Is he a politician? Is he as smooth and politically correct as he should be? Probably not. But he’ll learn. He’s not stupid. He didn’t get where he was being dumb. I like the guy. He’s a good man. And certainly, if he’s the one on the ticket, I’ll be voting for him,” said one of the greatest — and most popular — golfers to have ever teed it up.

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