Weatherman Screams When Something Unexpected Happens

Weatherman Screams When Something Unexpected Happens

“Why did that just happen?”

The forecast was for something very much out of the ordinary as Huntington, W. Va., meteorologist Bryan Hughes prepared to give his weather report Thursday.

Hughes was preparing to tell WOWK viewers about the day’s weather, and was in the midst of discussing the Texas Tech Meat Science Team, when he got a larger-than-life surprise.

A large black spider had apparently crawled across the lens of the camera, showing up as a mammoth insect on the weather map behind Hughes.

“Ahh! Geez Louise!” he screamed when he saw the spider.

“Why did that just happen? I nearly lost my lunch,” Hughes continued as he started to understand what had happened. “Oh man, saints alive, we’ve gotta get out there and kill those things.”

WOWK posted a video of the broadcast online. It soon became popular.

As he had his brush with fame, Hughes took to Twitter.

“I couldn’t help it. Honestly! I screamed like a little girl. Now, where’s the matches and gasoline?!?” he tweeted.

The BBC, which had seen the video, gave Hughes a playful jab. “Our @bbcweather presenters are made of tougher stuff!” the BBC joked.

Hughes then replied back.

“I dare you to a Spider face off! Can you handle an 8-legged monster?!?” he tweeted.

h/t: TheBlaze